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To make a long sad story short, it's a complete waste of money. And if you really pay attention, all of the ads are written the same! The scam is that these girls will message you and even go off site and then after teasing you with photos, they say they are in town and want to meet but first, you have to process through this site for "their" safety. It is just a way for whoever is pretending to be that person - probably a 300 pound dude in New Jersey in his tidy whities- and once you pay the , the goal has been met.

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The web sites were all different and each woman would accept a validation only from the web site that she chose.Ashley Madison customer service suggested offered alternative links to me and I tried these but my credit cards were always turned down regardless of the link supplied by Ashley Madison.Finally Ashley Madison offered to provide a work around.But if you can ratchet your expectations down a notch, and stick to your age bracket, you will meet real women who are ready to meet you. I've always had much better luck with sites like Ashley-Madison and Saphrina than with Craigslist. Dating-Apps annoy me but I use them once in a while. Either way, you are burning credits and will need more if an actual flesh and blood woman actually came along. Spend that money at a bar and you will have better luck by far.But they are not good enoughif you are a married man looking for like-minded women. Even if they are flooded with Fake-Profiles you will still find someone if you stick to women of a similar age. here: out of hundreds of messages I got there were: Dozens of webcam girls (probably not even girls..) I was to pay in advance.... The wife n me dnt have much time for sexy stuff these days. Since then ahve been chattin up wimen on twitter n that.

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