Army regulation dating in germany 19 and 26 dating

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This cap (HC153) is listed on my Headgear page along with the M40 Single Decal Helmet (HC156).Three of the four external pocket flaps are stamped "682" not pictured.Of the 22 divisions that were raised, only 5 survived while the other 17 were completely destroyed or disbanded before the war's end.

The first pattern Luftwaffe flight blouse (Fliegerbluse) was introduced in 1935 based on the original tunic which was designed for the DLV or Deutscher Luftsport Verband (German Air Sports League) personnel, the civilian predecessor to the German Air Force.

The breast eagle was machine embroidered in silver gray thread, and was zig-zag machine sewn over the right external breast pocket with the swastika coming down onto the pocket flap...a characteristic quite common for Luftwaffe service tunics.

The single rank chevron was hand stitched to the upper left sleeve, as was the Iron Cross ribbon which was sewn into the 2nd button hole from the top with black cotton thread.

The collar tabs were constructed from a satin rayon with a single gray metal gull, machine sewn to the collar with yellow cotton thread.

The yellow wool piped shoulder straps are constructed from the same wool as the tunic, and were machine sewn into the shoulder seams at the time of construction. TURCK ww LDENSCHEID" on the reverse, while the 2 smaller shoulder strap buttons are stamped "EXTRA FEIN".

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