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x86 servers Have you ever though about taking a sabbatical? I've repeatedly mentioned that buffer overflows are related to various C language programming characteristics. "Portable" data centers "Portable" data centers While watching Biography about Bill Gates on CNBC last Night Happy DEC-10 Day using an FPGA to emulate a vintage computer LPARs: More or Less? Handling multicore CPUs; what the competition is thinking How many mainframes are there? TCP/IP stack implemented in various other languages have had almost none of the buffer overflows that appear in C language implementations (aka it isn't impossible to have buffer overflows in other languages ...Something constructive but hard to control; a fresh of breath air (sic). The memos are required reading for anyone with a serious interest in quality products. The folklore was that when the executive committee was informed of computer conferencing (and the internal network), 5of6 wanted to fire me. including working with customers like Bof A on relational database (consulting with IMS group, etc). past posts mentioning original relational/sql implementation There was also Jim's MIP Envy as he was departing: in this post post (in First Data group) mentioning celebration for Jim held at Berkeley Father Of Financial Dataprocessing In the wake of Tandem Memos the corporation instituted officially sanctioned (and controlled) computer conferencing. Well, when I started using computers they didn't even use electricity yet, much less transistors. It was first diagnosed in September 1984, when the BYTE8406 forum was removed from the IBMPC Conference. The career path is designed to enhance their abilities and loyalty, traditionally by rapid promotion and by protecting them from the more disastrous errors that they might commit. Arbitrary interchangable executives complimented the "Mongolian Hordes Technique" paradigm: Mongolian Hordes Technique - n.

Recent reference in this old email and in this post about "virtual Friday" (from ibm jargon) Note that Boyd's To Be or To Do scenario is a little different from the "Peter Principle" ... Both Boyd's To Be or To Do and IBM's Fast Track have the sense that blemishes are kept off their record.

past posts mentioning NSFNET backbone for slightly additional NSFNET backbone topic drift ... My point was not that Ctrl V was set in immutable stone, but that it had more-or-less supplanted the alternative key combination for Paste, which is/was Shift Ins[ert].

I had done a lot of work on large clusters of 370 and/or 801 processors ... My keyboard doesn't even *have* an Insert key, though there is the Ins key on the number pad. Exercises played by the designers of any new keyboard (not just IBM's!

it was easier to clone an RDBMS and only have the items needed for specific set of tasks ... Heavily used in 1988, when VNET was converted from the old but trusty RSCS software to the new strategic solution. The career path is designed to enhance their abilities and loyalty, traditionally by rapid promotion and by protecting them from the more disastrous errors that they might commit. The Wednesday or Thursday before a long weekend in the USA for which the Thursday or Friday (respectively) is a holiday. I would sponsor (real & virtual) Friday's after work at some watering hole near san jose plant site.

like customer name & address in possibly hundreds of different databases. past posts mentioning original relational/sql System/R -- virtualization experience starting Jan1968, online at home since Mar1970 re: IBM Future System IBM Future System If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company A History of VM Performance A History of VM Performance from ibm jargon: fast track - n. and there was massive building program going on to double manufacturing capacity (and I guess fast track was attempting to double executives). a couple old "virtual Friday" emails Date: 03/31/83 From: wheeler re: friday; cc: friday; since tomorrow is a day off ... it was that somebody in YKT was telling xxxxxx that we couldn't have Boyd speak in SJR until after he spoke in YKT. besides supposedly doing their own design, there was also heavy funding for Steve's SSI.

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