Are dexter and deb dating

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In an early episode, Deb attempted suicide when she drove a police car into a lake with Dexter along for a ride.

When Dexter deposits her body into the water, do you think this is his way of giving her what she wanted? I had a really hard time justifying driving the car into the lake.

STORY: ' Dexter' Postmortem: Showrunner Scott Buck Breaks Down How It All Ended At what point in the series did you know Deb was not going to survive? [Showrunner] Scott Buck had me in his office and we talked a bit about it. There were three different scenarios that they were playing out.

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Your readers deserve an element of truth when you're talking about something that they care enough to read about. There was this setup when she and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) were finally able to set their sights on a love that existed, but I don't know what kind of peace she would have found there because Dexter always would have been in that place.

Those would be the final words -- and the ones he's strived to feel since the series premiere -- that Dexter would say to Deb before she flatlined.

caught up with Carpenter to discuss letting Deb go, whether Dexter got what he deserved by faking his own death and separating himself from Hannah and Harrison as well as buzz about a spinoff and more.

And while everything about this final season of a once-great drama has been, disappointingly, by the book, we have to believe there's a warning to be heeded in Dr.

Vogel's reaction to Dexter's relocation news: "Don't you know that won't end well? And speaking of the end, there are just two more episodes before the September 22 series finale, "Remember the Monsters?

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