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She made clothes for the likes of George Clinton.”Powertools was such a success that the owners opened another club, Red Square, in the Variety Art’s Centre downtown. I walked around in a bubble for months, wondering what the fuck happened?

An old, beautiful theatre, the venue had once seen vaudeville acts in the thirties and forties. ”“My generation grew up watching the tragedies of the sixties, knowing (heroin) could kill you, but romanticizing it. You know it’s dangerous, but there’s something about that arrogance of youth.

But then time passed, people forgot, things changed. She had drifted so far away from her goals that she struggled to find a path back.“Looking back, I realize my identity was very strong, but I felt beat down. When we were doing drugs, everyone was always calling, worrying about John.

A native of Houston, Texas, she became well known in the eighties as a performance artist in the art/punk review, Theatre Carnivale and as the other half of adored guitarist John Frusciante, formerly of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Now living in a cozy, bohemian home nestled at the foot of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Toni makes music with her partner Max Davies, and devotes her time to the pursuit of art without artifice. I visited a couple of times before I moved, and I saw a very early Jane’s Addiction at the Lhasa Club in 1985. There was this converging scene – rock and metal and punk and goth. There were so many clubs and scenes – you could satisfy so much.

Toni adored the ambience, and when performance artist Steven Holman and his wife Hillary saw it, they loved it too. He got sober, and came back into my life, and then fell off the wagon and died. Hillel’s death was a huge catalyst for me (later) staying with John when he went down that path.”Five months after Hillel died, Toni turned twenty-one.

They started Theatre Carnivale in the same building. She celebrated with a get-together at hangout du jour, Small’s bar.

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