An error occurred while updating the configuration airport extreme

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Once power cord is removed and inserted, the indications are always the same, regardless of what I do with the reset button.

Solid green LED for 1 second, off for 1 second, solid amber for 5-10 seconds, then flashing amber forever.

I want to use the AE to serve its own 5Ghz and 2.5Ghz network.After clicking "update" for the APE in Air Port Utility app on my MBP, it looked like it was downloading and then restarting, but then the "error occurred while updating the firmware" message popped up. Checking out the physical APE, it's got a fast flashing amber light on. Attempted to connect ethernet cable to all ports, one at a time, to MBP and then into a port in another router. Removed rubber base from bottom of APE to inspect physical reset button connection with ohmmeter.Perform a "soft" reset per directions on apple support. Button contacts are open when not depressed, shorted when the airport configuration go to the Network Tab and click the double headed arrow under Router Mode set it to "Off(Bridged Mode) You can then go to Wireless and set that how ever you want all traffic will go to the cisco router and either be forwarded to the Internet or go to the voip, printer, etc.For Internet Protocol (IP) networks, they are assigned most often using stateless address autoconfiguration.

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