American hermaphrodite chatrooms my boyfriend have been dating year

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We basically have a ball abusing these inferior fucks, and I cant help showing off for her how pathetic these idiots REALLY are. But youll have to watch the clip to see how I treat losers when there is a new girl around. And she WILL contact you (either by phone or email) if you follow the instructions in this clip! Please wear a tight black dress while humiliating the out of your slave. Then you allow him to lick your legs and up to your thighs, but not any closer. If he looks like he is about to cum, just kick his balls. Im really good at this sort of fantasy, I promise youre going to love it. You know you want it, just imagine me pointing a at you. So when I return Ill be playing the part of a sexy hit woman come to you in your very own custom fantasy scenario. And now that youve signed I have complete legal authority to terminate your life as spelled out in this contract. My friend Miss T is off-camera and she just cant believe that this is the kind of life I live. Youre just a stupid horny footboy who becomes braindead at just the sight of my perfect feet.

Then I demand a foot massagebefore eventually just casually tossing him back into storage like the disposable piece of human garbage that he is. When he has gather enough precum, please wipe your foot on his dick and make him lick up all the precum from your foot. Please be sitting on your throne with the camera looking up at you. But understand once you sign that consent form, you will d.! I am just sitting out on the deck at the Mean Girl Desert Punishment Camp (or MGDPC lol) being pampered by several slaves. BOTH of my feet are being worshiped and massaged at the same time with one slave for each of my feet, of course and I have another one at my disposal to fan me with a palm leaf and fetch my drinks for me at the snap of my fingers.

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