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A well-defined Target Operating Model (TOM) is increasingly essential for sustaining competitive operations and differentiating a firm's ability to thrive.

Explore the different journeys to tomorrow's buy-side target operating model with your COO peers, and discover how you can leverage Bloomberg’s global, cross-asset class solutions to uncomplicate compliance and streamline operations.

Also, hear Bloomberg’s perspective and how we are driving solutions to help clients get ahead in these areas.

*Greenwich Associates Invitation Only Bloomberg's Chief Technology Officer, Shawn Edwards, will host an exclusive CTO dinner to discuss new technology trends and how this industry is tacking emerging challenges.

Beschloss holds an MPhil (Honors) in Economics from the University of Oxford, where she taught international trade and economic development.

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Asset managers are on a torrid pace developing and incorporating more analytics and sweeping up as much of that data as possible to maintain their edge.

Beschloss is founder and CEO of Rock Creek, a leading global investment firm that applies cutting-edge technology and innovation to investments. Beschloss has advised governments, central banks, and regulatory agencies on global public policy and financial policy.\r\n Ms.

Previously, she served as Managing Director and Partner at the Carlyle Group and was President of Carlyle Asset Management. Beschloss has a long history of investing in venture, health and biotech, energy, infrastructure, and impact.

75% of your peers are already using social media and social-driven feeds to inform their investing decisions.* As the use of alternative data has quickly become mainstream, where are asset managers looking next?

Connect with your CIO peers to hear how they're navigating the sea of profitable data.

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