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The BBC’s spirit-lowering new costume drama about poor rural folk, The Village – which coincided with its left-slanted coverage of the welfare debate – included a 1914 scene of men marching off to war, a brass band playing Jerusalem.

Unfortunately the hymn wasn’t written by Sir Hubert Parry until 1916.

On a practical level, it’s come to me in conjunction with earning a certain amount of money so I can take care of my boys, particularly James because we can afford certain therapies that some other parents can’t.

Farrell’s new film, Dead Man Down, co-starring Noomi Rapace and Dominic Cooper, is a dark crime thriller which culminates in a bloody gun fight. What if my heart is broken and I go crazy for a bit, or, even worse, what if I forget to lock my gun away somewhere safe and someone has an accident?

‘I was having none of it,’ she said, ‘but it did me the world of good and helped me step lightly into my 70s.’ He, in turn, gallantly describes her as ‘the one that got away’.)For the moment — after relationships with U. model Kim Bordenave, with whom he has a son, James, nine, and Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus, with whom he has another son, Henry, three-and-a-half — he’s single.

His sons live partly with him and partly with their mothers in Los Angeles, and Colin says keeping up with them takes as much of his energy as he can spare — particularly since James suffers from Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder causing developmental disability, sleep disturbance and seizures.‘But it’s not a sad story because James has a really happy life,’ he adds.

‘He’s one of the two greatest things that has happened to me, and there is something a little bit different when your child is born with a level of adversity.‘Seeing your child take his first steps is a seminal moment for any parent.

But if you’ve been told there’s a chance your child will never walk, those first steps go off into a whole different realm.’ It was through Henry that Farrell met Elizabeth Taylor, who became a dear friend.

” ‘I said: “Tell her I said hello, although she probably won’t know who I am,” and they said: “Oh, she knows who you are all right” — which was one of the most pleasing things I’d ever heard in my life.Actors often feel under pressure to make provocative statements in order to keep themselves in the public eye and Irish-born Hollywood star Colin Farrell is no exception. ‘If I could have interesting conversations after sex, I would be in heaven,’ he says in an interview.The mothers of his two children – Kim Bordenave and Alicja Bachleda-Curus – might be disappointed.It’s not the first such film Colin has made, but he says this one, in particular, has made him think long and hard about the issue of gun ownership.‘And for me, I don’t want one,’ he says, firmly. I forget my car keys all the time, so why not that?Already slimmed down from 300lb, she is in talks to appear on a Fox TV show which turns ‘ugly ducklings’ into ‘beautiful swans’ with cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, counselling and personal training.

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