Alcoholic anonymous dating

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This change is achieved through the involvement of four individual phases which can be seen in the list of the 12 steps above. Recovering alcoholics continue to live by the 12 steps in order to stay sober.The reason they continue live these principles is to learn a new healthier, happier and freer way of living, while removing various alcoholic behaviors that may be in their way.Through the Alcoholic Anonymous 12 steps meetings, new members of the group are often able to identify similarities in messages that other alcoholics share within the group, resulting in the realization and admission that they themselves have a problem with alcohol.By each individual following this same 12 step path to healing, it makes it easier for those further along the path to help those just starting their journeys to sobriety.

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An AA group will usually have a collection during the meeting to cover running expenses, such as rent, coffee, etc., and to this all members are free to contribute as much or as little as they wish. However, everyone defines this power as he or she wishes.Another of the principles behind the 12 Steps is that they represent a progressive healing that not only helps heal the body but the mind and soul, as well.By breaking the process down into 12 consecutive steps the founders (for more on the roots of AA, read the history of Alcoholics Anonymous) of AA were making the process easier for people to follow on their personal journey to sobriety.It is called a 12 step program because it involves following, or taking 12 steps.These 12 steps if followed, will 'guarantee' sobriety (at least according to AA).

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