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It continues to amaze me, as I surf about the Internet, at the number of women lamenting on their boyfriend’s recently formed character flaw such as his lying, wandering eye, or another frayed strand of moral fiber.To the damsels’ defense while these newfound attributes were likely always there, he was just adept at keeping them hidden long enough to get what he was looking for.I on the other hand wanted to rush home and blast off a scathing bloggy retort .Fortunately discretion remains the better form of valor however a watered down rejoinder will soon be forthcoming.I would love to talk to others in my situation, but I don't have access to anyone or know of any single dad groups. There are places you can go for support and Web sites to visit that are for single dads.If you have a church or synagogue, community center, or local park, they all might have -- or can start -- a single parent support group.If you find yourself contemplating a relationship with a single father the first thing you want to learn, even before his credit score or rap sheet is – what kind of father is this guy?His qualities as a dad will say more about his character and integrity than anything else.

There is absolutely NO valid excuse under the sun that justifies a man walking out on his children – ever.If he treated his kids that way, how much better would he treat a woman? Please, please, please ladies don’t be misled by thinking that because he’s met you somehow he’ll now get his act together.Let’s not forget it’s called dating for a reason and that should include questions like. First, you’re not that special and second he’ll only change long enough to get what he wants. I'm doubting my ability to do this and feel like maybe I'm not doing a good job. The most important thing you have to do is love your child, after that it's all just gravy. I have primary custody of my child and lately have been feeling pretty overwhelmed.

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