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I won’t even attempt to argue whether it’s every 7 days, every 14 days, or every 30 days. If I had to guess, I think the threshold for recidivism is higher from the behavioral tipping point than it is for the physiologic one. I can probably tolerate – physiologically – more sugar today than I can tolerate behaviorally. You should keep in mind that for a period of 4 years, my consumption of sugar (sucrose, HFCS, liquid fructose in the form of any beverage, etc.) has been less than about 5 grams per day.

Sometime early in the New Year, I started really craving more vegetables. Even in ketosis I still ate one or two salads each day most days, but I was pretty restrictive about the quantity of vegetables that had much carbohydrate in them (e.g., tomatoes, carrots). Almost laughable by the standards of those around me. Not at all by “design,” but somehow by seemingly craving less.

In September of last year, for my wife’s birthday, we went to our favorite restaurant in San Diego, where we live.

The day before I emailed the owner and general manager, both friends, and asked for them to have one of our favorite off-menu items on hand (the best sushi in San Diego).

He asked, “How are you able to stay in ketosis with all of those carbs?

” I responded, basically, that for the past few months I have not been consistently in ketosis, and when I am it’s only following a long bike ride where my BHB levels may get back into the 2-3 m M range.

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