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One of the characters wrote poetry but couldn't get the weekend off to go to poetry events.What I mean to say is that when you date a stripper you have to go beyond the fact that she has a sexy job and see her as a total person outside of her my opinion, most of the rippers are gay or bi( nothing wrong with either ok) or use the men to get the might ol dollar.why would you want to date a person who spreads themselves for twenty bucks , how would you feel if you were in a mall or at a social gathering and some man walks up to you and says without knowing she or he is your gf or bf " omg see that person , she has or he has the hottest chest( JWA ,.....hmmmm, we all know about the night life, don't we... So, dating an exotic dancer in my books is 100% awesome, and lets not judge people with the choices they make in life!!!!!! another ignorant know-it-allthank you so much for this thread, OP. have fun way up there, n good luck w the business!!

How many times have you gone out to clubs/bars.a nice and hot person, then eneded up F#$king them? people make assumptions on something they have no or very little knowledge about.

Trying to paint such women as just doing a job or whatever foolish justifications others have offereed also won't improve what others think of such "entertainers".

Yes there will always be men willing to spend money in such places otherwise they'd have ceased to exist long, long ago.

I am a Dom/Msster looking for a female submissive to train in BDSM i can accommodate or travel to you - i am looking for someone under the age of 45 years - if you are experienced or non experienced or just fancy tryin… My speciality is the "no-touch orgasm," where I can give you an orgasm with no intimate ph… Hello Am 25 years old British muslim male am from Wolverhampton now live in bradford short beard/Short hair Am a nice humble guy laid back keep myself to myself.

Mature straight guy looking for adventurous and confident, sex mad woman to team up with as friends and playmates to go visiting swinger/clubs [Chameleons, Xtasia, Retro etc] together. Im after a hairy Turkish guy thats muscular built and strong!!!

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