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They were bored and wanted to go back to the cabin with us so that we could do smores. We asked where we could purchase a duraflame log, and they said they would bring one to us. They said that they took them to the Kid’s Ranch at .Almost as soon as we arrived back at the cabin, they were delivering the duraflame! Had I known that, I wouldn’t have dropped them off until closer to our dinner reservation.My husband mentioned that Alan is the kind of guy you feel you have known your whole life.It is apparent that he really enjoys his job and he is good at it. The mud in no way compared to the mud on the rest of the property.Also, the left door as you enter the bathroom would block the sink/mirror.It would be nice if it opened outside of the bathroom.It was very hard to use the mirror (like when drying hair) because the door was in the way. Zip-Lining / Rock Climbing: We all enjoyed this experience.We asked for a box fan, but there were none available. I think the wait times were reasonable (of course, we were almost first in line). The mud and water added so much to this experience!

It allowed us to do so many things in the afternoon. I was very surprised with the number of kids in the dining room. Since there were so many families eating together, next time we will just have our kids eat with us.

My daughter had her hair braided by one of the ladies and it looked wonderful.

Based on a review I read online, I expected the kids to beg us to leave them as long as they could stay.

Hannah was great at getting us checked in and super friendly. But, we loved having our own fire pit, hammock, tree swing, and a playground right outside our cabin.

Plenty of space in the cabin and the beds were wonderful.

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