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Northern Idaho has an abundance of water from streams, creeks, rivers and lakes; you can’t go wrong searching for a great property there.However, there are several spots within these counties due to geologic factors that don’t provide economical well water—either low flow or too deep (very costly).Focus on what’s most important for you, your family and/or group.

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This week’s brief focuses on one of two states rated by Skousen as a 5-start retreat location based on a variety of factors that include everything from environmental concerns like water availability and climate, to like-mindedness and security.The more your priorities emphasize closeness to a community, the higher your risks will be during a social meltdown, and the more precise must be your preparations to bug out to a separate retreat.So, as you see, there are always compromises in life, no matter if you spend ,000 on your property or millions, there is no perfect property that will meet all your criteria.Though this review centers in large part on Northern Idaho, the many variables involved in finding your perfect home are discussed and can be applied to potential retreat locations anywhere in the country.When you’re ready to relocate you can explore your options at the strategic relocation For Sale By Owner web site and find nationwide real estate listings that include survivability ratings and everything a prepper, homesteader, or survivalist might need to help make an informed decision.

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