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Yeah so much honesty really from , people stop beeing so blind and wake up, when companies fall for love to money and greed they get corrupted, (also applies to most humans also in general, maybe not all humans but most, applies to most companies, but maybe not all companies), even the best of companies with the best of intentions, this can be the case of business, we are not completely sure, but it could be: As its written: Clients that this girl spoken to on Dream Marriage for years paid much money and Arabiandate some months, shown great intrest, there shown us this, they found her on VK, and when they tried to contact her on VK she blocked them...

But they have to sign a contract, by which they have to answer on calls, than foreign clients calling them.” Note Lotus´s comments on this forum have been removed although there is a reference to this person.The many types of scam agencies and their scam sites from Ukraine and Russia and Crimea is runned by mafia or controlled, its said and highly suspected proven by others aswell these does not only applies Uadreams scam but all of the date scam agencies in Ukraine and Russia and Crimea etc: Click here (We do not agree that Russia is better then Ukraine, both has issues with date scam agencies and their scam sites and scam prodate girls etc)...:"I had a contact who was working in UA Dreams.And she said that most of mails are written by translators, girls don't even know that somebody are sending mails from their accounts.We had a lot of fun here; we were walking down the streets, visited the most famous zoo in my city, spent a wonderful time in the park and had a very nice dinner at a restaurant. Victoria D., Ukraine on 20 August 2014"Fooling the poor fellow.Steve promised to come visit me again in September. He got scammed good for a whole week, in expensive translation scam services and gifts and resturants also and trips we are pretty sure of.

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