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Katie famously went on to marry her childhood crush Tom Cruise (who is embattled in a scientology scandal right now) and Jackson was in a 10 year relationship with actress Diane Kruger before they split in 2016.Jackson hasn’t been seriously linked with anyone since he and Kruger called it quits, though he’s been spotted with model Shafia West.He even bemoaned to Ellen Degeneres the difficulties of dating in the age of social media apps. Katie has been in a very private relationship with actor Jamie Foxx for about three years.Katie and Jamie have never really confirmed their relationship, making it the most-known unconfirmed secret in Hollywood.Sometimes when something happens, it’s hard to find the right words to say.You may want to offer comfort, congratulations or just a kind, uplifting word showing that you care.Our original Open When Letter Ideas are super simple, but oh so cute and perfect for writing letters to your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

Over time we’ve put together several Open When Letter printable packs to help make it easy to put together an unforgettable love letter for your sweetie.You can prepare a letter for all of these special moments with our kit!This list of Open When Letters topics will help you get started.With this list and our FREE printables below, you have everything you need to get started.Make it even easier to prep your Open When Letters surprise with one of our printable packs.

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