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Register to get to know other members and start your naughty games.Our tip: install the client program to see whatcan offer for you.All that is, a most interesting online 3d online multiplayer dating game.You can find your right partner quickly in the Dating World . You can hide your real personality, and try new partners without risking your everyday privacy. I know the emphasis right now on the site is Academy : Part 3, and I don’t want to take too much attention away from it, but I really want to do a small mid week post today to get some feedback on some ideas I’ve had.Since Academy Part 3 is going to be released a week later than I had scheduled, I allowed myself Friday afternoon to return to Unity3D and experiment. I’ve got a ton of locations, nearly all of which are ready to use in a full game.Participate in virtual dating, and if you both wish to, in 3d action with your partner!Be the director and the actor with your partner in a love movie running on your screen!

This seems like something where making it in 3D seems worth it. A combination of some I like the idea of a custom date, but I also get that fans of the various characters would want to see them. Mode 1 would be the date with a custom character, along with familiar characters as options for the threesomes.Can there really be that many different ways that going to a pool with Crystal, Maddison or Erica can play out? I could also make it a combination of established and new characters. Episodic releases Similar to above, but each date is released desperately.Episode 1 : Date Crystal 3D Episode 2 : Date Maddison 3D Episode 3 : Date Rachel 3D It would certainly give me time to come up with new ideas for how the dates can have different things happen, but at the same location.If all of the content is just what I could have in a 2D game, then what’s the point?So, here’s a list of format scenarios, each with their own polls. Custom dates This is the main idea I came up with that’s made me enthusiastic.

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